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Craniosacral therapy recognised by health funds

I issue my clients with a receipt for cash payments, which they can then lodge with their health fund if they have additional insurance for complementary medicine. If you come regularly, you are also welcome to pay against invoice for five craniosacral treatments.

I am recognised as a craniosacral therapist by almost all health funds. Accredited by

  • Erfahrungsmedizinisches Register (EMR)
  • ASCA
  • EGK
  • Visana


  • 60-minute craniosacral sessions: CHF 120.00.
  • The physiotherapy costs are covered by health funds for patients with a prescription. 30-minute physiotherapy sessions for self-paying patients: CHF 40.00.


I will gladly discuss your craniosacral treatment with you in your native language. I speak fluent Spanish and French, and can also communicate well with my patients in English, Italian and Portuguese.


Practice hours

Tuesday to Friday:
9am to 12pm, 3pm to 8pm

Fabians Körpertherapie
Fabian Nüscheler
Physio- and Craniosacral therapist
Wangenstrasse 49
3018 Bern Bümpliz

Phone +41 79 374 71 60

Member of Cranio Suisse
Swiss Society for Craniosacral Therapy

Cranio Suisse